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Oskar G's It's Gonna Be a No! at SXSW


DALLAS, Mar. 12, 2016 -- Wix Music has selected It's Gonna Be a No! by Oskar G, featuring Shannon Brown, and produced by Fredy Muks to play at their SXSW special event on March 18th and 19th. Oskar G is excited to be part of one of the biggest music festivals right here in Texas. 

'G -- we're pleased', says Muks Entertainment, on signing exciting new artist


DALLAS, Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Muks Entertainment is proud to introduce the multi-talented and unique Oskar G. as its newest addition. The Dallas-born Latino-American rapper caught the eye of Muks Entertainment founder and producer Fredy Muks four years ago, who immediately recognized his natural talent and unique style.

A 1 in a Million dance anthem, brought to you by Muks Entertainment


DALLAS, Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- International and multi-genre producer Fredy Muks, founder of fresh new entertainment company with heart, Muks Entertainment, invites you to dance to 1 in a Million – a high-energy power anthem featuring a collaboration between multi-platinum recording artist Lil Flip, Oskar G., A+, and A.D BayBay.

Muks Entertainment celebrates in style for 1 in a Million launch

Corks popped all weekend for the release party and concert of new dance anthem, featuring multi-platinum recording artist Lil Flip and Oskar G.


DALLAS, Sept. 9, 2015  /PRNewswire/ -- There were no pumpkin carriages at midnight onAugust 28th and the only glass on show was that holding the champagne as a select few were treated to the unveiling of new high-power anthem 1 in a Million, produced by new entertainment company, Muks Entertainment.


New Years' treat as Oskar G. set to release three singles from debut album


DALLAS, Jan. 13, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Fresh from signing with Muks Entertainment, hip hop artist Oskar G. plans to release the first three singles from his debut album, Home Town. Ooh Yeah, Catch Fire and It's Gonna Be A No – written with and produced by founder of Muks Entertainment, Fredy Muks – were mixed by multi-platinum award winning audio engineer Irko Sera, who's worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West and Pitbull, and feature singer/songwriter Shannon Brown and A.D. Bay Bay, who has been performing with Oskar G. for the past six years.

Oskar G. joins Hispanic Communications Network in Washington DC to discuss his new single, Mi Vida, and how he plans to impact people with his music


DALLAS, Apr. 2016 -- Oskar G. visits Hispanic Communications Network (HCN) in Washington DC for an interview to discuss the motivation that drives his music, how he intends to use his music to improve communities, and the experiences that have led to creating Mi Vida and his debut album, Home Town. His new single, Mi Vida, will be unveiled in an exclusive pre-release listening.

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